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UFC fighter Jeff Molina reacts to backlash after sporting LGBT+ symbol to celebrate Pride month

UFC flyweight Jeff Molina said he thinks people will be “more open-minded” about his decision to include an LGBT+ symbol on his shorts during his win over Zhalgas Zhumagulov.

Molina, 24, picked up a split decision victory over Zhumagulov at a Fight Night event in Las Vegas on Saturday, while sporting an LGBT+ symbol to raise money for the Southern Nevada LGBTQIA+ Center and celebrate the month. of pride.

Ukraine says it controls “half” of Severodonetsk

Ukraine said on Sunday its forces controlled half of Severodonetsk, as Kyiv’s army rebuffs Russia’s bid to take the eastern city, key in the battle for the Donbass region.

But Luhansk regional governor Sergiy Gaiday said they expected a major counterattack by Russian forces in the coming days.

“Our armed forces have cleared half” of the industrial center of Russian troops, Gaiday said in an interview posted on his official social media.

“Half the city is actually controlled by our forces.”

Reconfirmed Fire Districts: New Boundaries Aim to Clarify Tax Allocations | Local

African countries need tighter controls to curb growing tobacco use

Global average smoking rates have declined over the past 12 years, with the proportion of people aged 15 or older who smoke rising from 22.6% in 2007 to 19.6% in 2019.

However, tobacco use still represents a significant health, economic and social burden worldwide. In fact, some countries – mainly in Africa – are experiencing an increase in smoking prevalence. The latest Tobacco Atlas shows that, worldwide, 1.13 billion people were current smokers in 2019. And 8.67 million deaths were attributable to smoking.

Crown symbol returns to pint glasses as part of post-Brexit government plans

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The government has published plans to return to an era of imperial measurements and crown symbols on pints. The post-Brexit consultation promises to “restore common sense” in the lawbook by abandoning “authoritarian European rules”.

Airtel Payments Bank Partners with Muthoot Finance to Offer Gold Loans on Airtel Thanks App

Airtel Payments Bank customers can now apply for a gold loan from Muthoot Finance in a minute on the Airtel Thanks app.

The latest offering, which will add to Airtel Payments Bank’s portfolio of digital banking products, would enable easy access to credit for payment banking customers.

Advocating for price controls as commodity prices soar

The Chronicle

Nqobile Tshili/Patrick Chitumba, columnists
Bulawayo residents have called for government controls as commodity prices become increasingly out of reach for the majority of citizens as retailers have adopted different exchange rates.

In recent weeks, commodity prices have soared amid fears that this will be influenced by parallel market exchange rates and profits.

Allocations to student organizations | MUSK

The Student Government Association (SGA) sets aside a specific amount each year, the SGA Allocations Fund, to help support particular university-wide events/programs planned by MUSC student organizations. The application process for and potentially receive these funds is as follows…


New York bill to increase alternative allowances clears legislature

Legislature-approved basket clause bill affects the state’s largest pension funds: New York State’s $279.7 billion Albany Common Retirement Fund. dollars; the $263.2 billion from New York City’s retirement systems; and the $146.9 billion New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, Albany.

Drug price controls may have little effect on R&D

Modest drug pricing reforms are not likely to stifle pharmaceutical innovation or jeopardize the future health of Americans, write researchers from the USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy in a new post.

Why is this important: Drugmakers have long argued that controlling the price of their products will lead to fewer new cures – a ‘nuclear winter’ argument that could be revived as Congress considers a lean Build Back Better package that includes cost reforms medication.

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