Curiosities and bonus pictures

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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Sexy cheerleaders of Miami Dolphins (31 photos)

Sexy cheerleaders of Miami Dolphins (31 photos)

Lady Gaga in 2006 – She was way different (9.9 Mb)

Spoiled wedding album (8 pics + 1 video)

One thing is sure, before you hire a photographer for your wedding, be sure to check his professional qualities.
Marc and Sylvia Day paid the photographer £ 1,450 for the pictures and video that you will see after jump. It’s just a disaster.
They have won £ 1,500 in compensation, but alas, the wedding album is spoiled forever.

How to break the traffic code without being arrested in Russia (5 pics)

In Russia, there is often a lane in the middle of the road which is reserved to police or government officials. You have to possess a pass to drive on that lane. And you can buy a pass like this, but a fake one, anywhere in Russia…
That’s what’s happening here. The guy has a pass, which is quite convenient to avoid the traffic jams…

Failed bungee jumping – how to fall in the water at 80 mph! (5 pics + 1 video)

Rishi Baveja, a Cambridge graduate, was in Phuket on holiday to celebrate his degree in engineering. He paid £50 to make the jump at the Jungle Bungy centre in Kathu, whose website claimed it had a 100 per cent safety record… well I guess it’s no longer 100%.
What he thought would be a normal but scary experience revealed to be what you can exactly fear about those services…

Unpleasant discovery in a candy (7 pics)

A guy wanted some chocolate so he bought a box of chocolate candies. And there he found...
The most horrible thing is that he discovered it only in a penultimate candy, imagine how he felt bad after that.

Dangerous Chinese thieves (5 pics)

Here is what happened in a Chinese street. It was quick and the girl could do nothing…

The arm stuck in the toilet! (3 pics + 1 video)

A 47 year-old Ukrainian guy accidentally dropped a 200 hryvnia bill ($24) in a squat toilet in a train station.
He tried to take the money back but his arm got stuck in the hole. The rescuers spent three hours to free the unlucky guy.
Look at the pics and the video inside the post.

An unexpected guest for the supper! (4 pics)

Discover what guest it was after the jump…

Cats have epic 3-way steak battle )) (10.3 Mb)

Cats have epic 3-way steak battle )) (10.3 Mb)

Submarines (27 pics)

Here is a compilation of those steel monsters of the seas. You will see submarines on the surface of the water, in the port or being constructed… and other interesting pics.
Look at the selection after the jump.

About the hard work of Chinese miners (25 pics)

China is the largest coal producer in the world. More than 1 billion tons of raw coal is extracted there in a year.
But this is all given at a price, about 5,000 people die each year in the mines and this figure may be understated especially by the Chinese government.
Well, let's see in what miserable conditions these brave people work.

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