Hot girls unclogging toilets (28 pics)

Here is a collection of hot girls unclogging their toilets with a plunger.
Chocking, isn’t it? Hot girls actually do poop! :)))

Dynamiting a mule to make the first instantaneous photograph! (5 pics)

Talk about a weird and very cruel experiment! It happened in 1881.
They took a ‘worthless’ mule, 6 ounces of dynamite and a photo camera – all connected in the same electrical circuit.
I let you read the piece of newspaper and see the pics inside the post.

These funny animals (42 pics)

These funny animals (42 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures

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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Drug dealers’ wars in Texas. Not for haint-hearted! (8 photos)

Drug dealers’ wars in Texas. Not for haint-hearted! (8 photos)

Time lapse video of Typhoon Nangka hitting Hong Kong (12.6 Mb)

Time lapse video of Typhoon Nangka hitting Hong Kong (12.6 Mb)

Munka közben

How to ask a sexual favor to your teacher and fail (2 pics)

This story made my day )) It’s a conversation between a student and her teacher.
Perseverance doesn’t always pay…
Read the whole story after the jump.

How does a battle look like in the night? (19 pics)

I’m talking about a real battle, not one seen in a movie…
These pictures show some training from the Russian Army that took place on the last weekend of September.
Pictures are interesting, you should take a look.

Great One Man Band (9.9 Mb)

Great One Man Band (9.9 Mb)

The Diamond Shipwreck - A 16th-century vessel carrying a fortune in gold (16 pics)

In 1533, a Portuguese trading ship carrying a fortune in gold and ivory was swept ashore and wrecked by a winter storm. It was only found last year on a beach in southern Namibia.
Ironically, the ship, believed to be the nau Bom Jesus, wrecked on a beach rich with diamonds and named ‘Sperrgebiet’ which means "forbidden zone" in German.

A house of blood (11 pics)

That’s what your house could look like if you bought all the products gathered here. I’m sure it would make a sensation, but I’m not sure people would come twice to visit you…
Bleeding pillar candles<!--colorend-->

Best parking job ever! (3 pics)

I don’t know how it happened, but you don’t see that everyday.

Molossia - The smallest republic in the world (15 pics)

The Republic of Molossia is a micronation founded by Kevin Baugh and headquartered near Dayton, Nevada.
It consists of Baugh's house (known as Government House), backyard and front garden, as well as two other properties in Southern California and Pennsylvania. It comprises a total area of 5.8 hectares. Originally established as a childhood project in 1977, Molossia subsequently evolved into a territorial entity in the late 1990s.

Homeless (32 pics)

Some people become homeless against their will, some of them do not recognize the other way of life, but I am sincerely sorry for them all.
It was really difficult to look at these pictures.

The amazing works of Lyndon Wade (74 pics)

Lyndon Wade is a NYC based commercial photographer, who shoots for world’s most famous ad agencies: ads for Nintendo, Sony, Virgin, Sprite… and many others.
His works are very colourful and interesting.
You should definitively look at them!

A car masterpiece (20 pics)

This car called Citicar is an electric car which was manufactured by one American company in the 70’s.
The most impressive is its appearance. It would totally make my day, if I saw it on the roads ))

A little piece of heaven (33 pics)

Incredibly beautiful and amazing place. It is called the Atlantis Resort and it’s located on the Bahamas.
To stay there is like finding yourself in a fairy tale. Photos speak for themselves.
Enjoy ;)

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